This is my Junior year game project. I wrote the custom 3D game engine architecture based on the ‘Overwatch’ Gameplay Architecture and Netcode talk given at GDC 2017. The rest of the engine is also impressive with Vulkan being used as the graphics API, WPF being our tool development language, and Mono used to integrate C# as a scripting language for the designers to use which at this point in necessary because it takes 2 minutes to build the engine (at best) and only half a second to compile the scripts because C# is crazy.

I’ve also worked on a lot of the Tools that are used to build this game. My favorite one so far is the Pipe Creation Tool:

The Pipe Creation Tool allows our designers to build sprawling pipes out of pieces made by the artists. The Pipes are an important part of our game as they’re part of the main mechanic and an integral part of the aesthetic.

Download the game here.