My name is Jacob McPeak. I'm a software engineer working in games that specializes in network engineering.

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Pancake Pals
The Pilgrim
Crash Course

Me, Network Engineering

Networking has always been magical to me. Throughout my childhood and into my adult life multiplayer games have always been how my friends and I come together to hang out. Even before VOIP became super popular I was on the land line with my friends in middle school grinding away in WoW and Runescape. When I started making games in 7th grade I always wanted to add multiplayer so I could play my games with my friends, but my engine of choice (GameMaker: Free Edition) didn't support networking and even if it did I wouldn't have had the technical know-how to use it. It wasn't until recently that I even considered networking as an option for me professionally. Even after I took the first networking class at DigiPen it didn't click. It wasn't until I made my first networked game was I convinced that this was something I wanted to delve deep into. I took a small bomber-man clone Unity game I made and added internet play. Immediately it was clear the added social dynamic made this mediocre clone into an extremely enjoyable time waster. It's that social aspect that makes me really excited and interested in network engineering.

Me, Personally

With my spare time I listening to music (rap/hip hop, I feed off the energy), reading, writing poetry, and, of course, gaming.

I play a lot of co-op multiplayer games, I don't think I'll ever fully scratch that itch. I'm dipping back into MMOs with an excursion into Final Fantasy 14. Wish my productivity luck. I also play pretty much every ARPG on the market. I played about a dozen Diablo 3 seasons and I play almost every season of PoE. I got so into Delirium it hurts. Standard trade league.

Welp, that’s about it from me. Thank you for your time and I hope you find something interesting on this website.